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Last…er…two semesters ago recap.

by on Jan.10, 2010, under SFU

Yes, it’s been waaayyy too long, so I’m now buckling down and writing my recap of last two semesters ago.  As you may or may not recall, I dubbed last summer my Summer of Uselessness due to the courses I was taking.  Here’s the wrapup:

KIN 143 – Exercise Management (Distance Education)

This course was somewhat interesting, incorporating much about the science of exercise.  Having gone through a fitness buff phase (and trying to do so again right now), there was not really much new material here, but there was lots of memorization required for the exams.  The assignments were semi-interesting, and even a fitness buff would most likely learn something here (for example, I learned way more about VO2-Max than I knew before).

CNS 210 – Foundations of Canadian Culture (Distance Education)

I’m afraid to admit this one was basically a snooze-fest.  The amount of material was very light, the only things required were participation in Web-CT based discussions and three very easy and short papers.  It wrapped up with a final exam that required three small essays.  Not much to learn here, and I think this was the last time this course was offered since the department of Canadian Studies has been dissolved, but I could be wrong.

CMPT 320 – Social Implications of Computing Science

This one was actually way more fun and interesting than I expected.  First, let me say that I actually like Steven Pearce.  If you’re going to take the course with him, your level of enjoyment really depends on whether you can say the above is true.  Regardless, the material was interesting, plentiful, and even enjoyable enough to be taken late on a Wednesday evening (man, that time slot sucked).  Even though this one is required, you may actually enjoy it.  It will require opening your mind somewhat, though.

What’s Next?

I did a Co-Op term at SAP this past semester and have been extended for this semester.  I am enjoying it thoroughly and am working on a large web application.  I’ll be back on campus in the summer, when I hope to take CMPT 300 and two more upper division CMPT courses.


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