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Dear irresponsible pet owner: You suck.

by on Jan.10, 2010, under Critters

Roxy and I had a rather interesting morning.  Rather than type it out again, here are the facts as reported to Animal Control after their visit:

Letter to Animal Control Officer (all identifying details have been removed.  Obviously, these were in the original letter!

Closeup of Roxy’s wound (I should have spread it out so we could more clearly see how deep it was)

Roxy’s wound (so you can see the location)

Loose dog after I went knocking on doors 1

Loose dog after I went knocking on doors 2

Loose dog after I went knocking on doors 3

Loose dog after I went knocking on doors 4

First and foremost:  Roxy is just fine.  She got a few stitches while I cuddled her, and even then she had forgotten about it.  As soon as I came home, she was ready to play.  She’s whining right now so that I can throw her the ball again while I type this.

Some facts not in the letter (since the officer already knows those):

When I went to meet the Animal Control people, one of the dogs was loose in the same spot again.  I could see him barking and hear the other one barking from the yard of the suspect’s house.

The “another gentleman” is an acquaintance of mine who lives right by that corner.  His octogenarian mother and his dog were both bitten by these dogs at 1am or so one morning.  He called the SPCA (this was around Christmas time, which appears to be when these dogs became a problem.  I have never seen them before myself).  Unfortunately, the SPCA no longer handles Animal Control issues in Surrey.  The City of Surrey now handles this.  They neglected to tell him that.  So his complaint basically went right to the round file.  I went to get him while the Animal Control people were there so he could tell them his story.

While I did that, the Animal Control people left a note on the front door of the house where the dogs obviously lived (the car that was there when I was there earlier was now gone).  They also went to go talk to the landlord next door, informing him that he needs to deal with this, as this is happening on his property and he is liable.  His response (according to the officer, since I was getting my neighbour) was to laugh and to say “Who cares, it’s only a few thousand bucks anyway”.  I have no idea if he was referring to the fine, how much he thought he could get sued for, how much he thought the dogs were worth, or just a number he pulled out of his ass.  I suspect if he had answered the door when I knocked earlier, he either wouldn’t have laughed, or I wouldn’t have kept my cool.  I’m glad he wasn’t home.

The one dog was loose, and the other was actually now tied up on the back deck.  This means that the owner was probably home when I knocked, didn’t answer, then later tied up at least one dog.  Good job, dipshit.  If you only tied up one dog, you are an even bigger asshat than I thought.  If you tied both up and one escaped already, you really suck at tying things up.  Regardless, you shouldn’t have dogs.  Animal Control tied the other dog back on the deck and apparently sealed it somehow so they couldn’t get out.  I have no idea what the note they left said, or what repercussions the owners may or may not face.

Apparently, these dogs have also bitten one more person that my neighbour is aware of, but we don’t know who this is.  Other neighbours near there who just happened to be out at the time informed me that they no longer walked down that street, as they were terrified since the dogs growled at them earlier.  The people who’s driveway they end up doing their deeds from are apparently a couple in their 80s with at least one member being disabled.  Why the hell didn’t anyone else call Animal Control sooner?  I’ve called them when I’ve seen loose dogs before.  If they are lost, I’m sure the owner would love to have them back.  If they aren’t, that owner shouldn’t have dog in a city.

Right now, I can:

  • Go back there and hurt the dog’s owners and the landlord next door.  NOTE:  I will NOT do this.  Although I suspect it would be satisfying, it wouldn’t solve anything, would get me into a heap of trouble, and if I was actually planning on doing so, wouldn’t be stupid enough to write about it in a blog.
  • Move.  Although I was almost upset enough to consider that today, not bloody likely right now.  I’ll be damn if some idiots will force me out of my house.
  • Wait for Animal Control.  Let’s see what they do.  Let’s go with that plan.

The officer also mentioned that I may want to get a lawyer and sue the pants off the owner and/or landlord.  I have no plans to do this for now.  Let’s first see how this gets dealt with. I did say I would testify in court if needed.  Right now, I am the only witness to an actual attack that has come forth.  Hopefully, my neighbour will file his complaint again with the proper authorities. I really don’t care about money right now, I just don’t want my neighbourhood to be terrorized by these dogs.  After all, that’s my job.

In the mean time, we’ll be eliminating this path form my list of possible usual walks.  Sorry this has been long-winded, but it’s been a long day.



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